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City of Eureka

General Plan Update

Joint City Council/Planning Commission Meeting

September 8, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

Land Use and Zoning Designation Changes


As part of the City of Eureka’s General Plan Update process, the City will hold a joint City Council/Planning Commission Study Session on September 8, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber of City Hall.  As part of the process to prepare the Preferred Land Use Plan, Staff has identified and will present recommendations regarding the following:


  1. Inconsistencies between land use designations and zoning designations on a number of properties, which could be a barrier to developing or selling the property in the future. 

  2. Opportunities to change land use designations or zoning designations on property where minor extensions of existing districts could be beneficial.


The City is not intending to make any changes that would cause any current uses to become illegal or non-conforming.  No decisions will be made at this meeting and this is not an official public hearing or notice of a public hearing.  This meeting is an opportunity for staff to present to Council/Commission the range of recommended changes.  Council/Commission will then provide feedback to staff regarding whether or not to proceed with mapping the recommended changes.  Using the Council/Commission feedback, staff will finalize the Preferred Land Use Plan.  The Preferred Plan will be used as the basis for the General Plan Update Environmental Impact Report, and will become the proposed land use diagram for the Draft General Plan, which will be adopted at a future City Council public hearing.  Prior to that future public hearing, notice will be provided to all property owners whose land use designations are proposed to change.  Although changes to zoning designations will be made after the General Plan update is completed, we need to hear from property owners now if they have concerns about zoning changes.  Property owners and the public will have the opportunity to provide comment to staff and the City Council in the future, we are strongly encouraging property owners to contact staff as soon as possible and/or attend the meeting on September 8, 2015 if they have any questions or concerns. 


A notice will be sent to property owners of the affected properties.  If property owners are opposed to the recommended changes, City staff would like to know as soon as possible since these changes will be the topic of the meeting on September 8, 2015. 


There are two options to view a map of the changes that will be recommended:

  • On-line Map Web Viewer

  • Click this link: http://gis.ci.eureka.ca.gov/flexviewers/LandUseZoningEdits/

  • Type an address in the “Enter address” box near the upper right corner of the screen (be sure to include “Eureka, CA 95501” at the end of the street address), then press enter. 

  • Turn on/off the zoning and land use display on the map by clicking on the check boxes in the Layer List.

  • To zoom in, zoom out, and move around the map use the hand and magnifying glass tools on the left side of the screen.

  • You can also left click on the Layer List or Search windows to move them around on your screen.

  • View Printed Maps at City Hall

    • Come in person to Eureka City Hall at 531 K Street

    • Go to the “Community Development” desk on the third floor (we’re closed from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.)

    • Bring this letter with you and ask the front desk staff to speak with a Senior Planner


If you have questions regarding the meeting or any of the proposed changes, please email or call Senior Administrative Assistant Swan Asbury at 707-441-4160 or sasbury@ci.eureka.ca.gov.  Ms. Asbury will collect your information, and a professional planner will then return your call as soon as possible.

This is your guide and informational source for the City of Eureka’s 2040 General Plan Update process.

As required by State law, the updated General Plan will take a comprehensive, longā€term view to direct future land use, resource and other decisions in the City over the next 25 years. The process of updating the General Plan includes a number of events that seek the participation of you, your neighbors, businesses, and property owners. This process is structured to lead the General Plan from vision, to creation, to adoption, to implementation by the community.

The current General Plan for the City of Eureka was adopted in February 1997 and has not been comprehensively updated since its adoption. Some of the data, analyses, and policies in the 1997 plan do not fully reflect the current conditions or objectives of the City. As a result, an update of the General Plan is necessary to reflect the community’s current vision for accommodating future growth and providing services within Eureka through 2040.

If you would like more information on the General Plan Update process, please visit the various links on the left side of this page.